To my snowball express family:

Posted on: August 1st, 2012 by Martin Plowman

How exciting it was to finally get my first win in the American Le Mans Series this past weekend! My team Conquest Endurance and my teammate David Heinemeier Hansson definitely helped me achieve this accomplishment, but I wanted to write a special thank you note to all of you!

Each of you has inspired me to try my best at each and every race. This season has been tough! As a brand new team, Conquest Endurance is definitely the underdog, and it took us several races and many mistakes to learn what we needed to do to win. When times got tough, I drew strength from my experiences with all of you. I remembered what courage you show each and every day and your positive outlook on life. You are so strong-willed and, above all, are winners.

I am proud to run with the Snowball Express logo on the side of my race car. Racing for all of you keeps things in perspective to me. When I have a bad race, I’m reminded that it’s just a race, and even if I never won another race, I still love what I do. I’m afforded the privilege to follow that dream because of the freedom we enjoy in the United States. That freedom comes from the sacrifices that you and your family have made. I could not be more appreciative, nor can I ever appropriately thank you for all you have done for me.

You see, like I said to all of you when I spoke at the 2011 Snowball Express in Dallas, you are all a part of Team Plowey because you are part of Snowball Express. I race for you. You inspire me. And without your constant inspiration and words of encouragement, I would not be the race car driver that I am today. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making me a better person. This one’s for all of you!


With love,

Martin “Plowey” Plowman

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