Road America: First Time’s a Charm

Posted on: August 20th, 2012 by Martin Plowman

Photo: John Dagys

In his first trip to Road America, Martin Plowman landed his second win of the 2012 American Le Mans Series season with the Conquest Endurance team and teammate David Heinemeier Hansson. Plowman started off the weekend strong, earning pole position at the 4.045-mile circuit with a time of 1:54.218. Their success continued into the race, when the #37 car led the most laps and finished a full two laps in front of the second-place car.

Heinemeier Hansson started the race, and handed the car over to Plowman at 1-hour and 45-minutes into the 4-hour race. The pit stop dropped the team back into third place, but Plowman pushed through the field, eventually taking the overall lead in the race. The final pit stop of the race was a gamble, coming only 45-minutes until race end. Changing tires would give Plowman the traction he needed to advance in the field, but it would also take several more valuable seconds in the pits. The strategy paid off in the end as Plowman charged toward the front of the field and took the checkered flag. This result leaves Conquest Endurance only five points behind the current championship leaders.

Plowman was active in philanthropy this weekend, as well. On Friday night, he participated in the Tour de Road America, to raise funds for cancer

foundations including LIVESTRONG and the Austin Hatcher Foundation. Saturday, he was joined by Snowball Express kid, Owen, and his family as his personal VIP guests to the track. They enjoyed meeting the pit crew, seeing the car up close in the paddock, and even holding Plowman’s first-place trophy after the race had concluded. Snowball Express is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide hope and new memories for children of our fallen military.


Plowman’s next race will be the Baltimore Sports Car Challenge on the streets of Baltimore, MD over Labor Day Weekend, September 1-2.


Martin Plowman, driver: “This win is really special. It was an amazing weekend for us. I want to thank Thierry Bouvet, our engineer, who gave us an amazing car from the get-go. We really just had to fine tune it all weekend. As usual, the Level 5 guys were extremely tough – they were really on it today – so for us to beat them when they are this strong just shows the great job that everybody at Conquest has done.

As a team, we are working very well together. Every race we just get better and better. This was the first completely clean race for us where neither David nor I got a penalty and everything just went our way. If we can do what we did this weekend for the next three races, we should be able to win the championship, which is our main goal.

I was so happy to share this weekend with Owen and his family. While some may see spending time during race weekends not focused on racing as a detriment, I need it in order to be successful. It helps keep me grounded and feeling fortunate, no matter what has happened on-track that weekend. Nothing is more rewarding than using my position to help others.”


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