Plowman tests BTCC Astra at Donington Park

Posted on: February 5th, 2018 by Martin Plowman

Martin Plowman swapped rear wheel drive GT cars for a front wheel drive touring car today as he was invited to test the Power Maxed Racing Vauxhall Astra British Touring Car at Donington Park.

Despite Plowman’s extensive racing CV which includes IndyCar and winning Le Mans, it was his maiden outing in a front wheel drive race car. Plowman spent the morning in the British Touring Car before switching at lunchtime to complete an evaluation session with the more familiar rear wheel drive Radical Sportscars.

Plowman was eager for the chance to compare the differences between front and rear wheel drive and despite cold, damp conditions, he took to the British Touring Car with ease building up and learning the nuances of front wheel drive.

Martin Plowman commented, “I’m surprised by how easy I found the transition from a rear wheel drive GT car to a front wheel drive touring car, I expected it to be a bigger challenge. Essentially the fundamentals of racing and driving fast are the same leaving fewer nuances to master.”

“I want to give big thanks to Martin Broadhurst, and the team at Power Maxed Racing for helping me adapt, after my first session I felt at home in the PMR Vauxhall Astra. The main difference is the amount of rotation needed into the corner, I had to rotate the touring car more and square the corner off, and then be more patient on the power to prevent understeer. What I really noticed is how the BTCC car can take kerbs, it’s like they don’t exist.”

Plowman is a director of UltraTek Racing and has a long-term contract with am driver Richard Taffinder as they continue their route to Le Mans. UltraTek Racing competed in the British GT Championship this year in the RJN engineered Nissan 370Z GT4 cars and are set to continue down the British GT path.

Plowman and UltraTek Racing are set to formally unveil their team plans before the Autosport Show in January.

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