Opening Weekend for the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Posted on: June 8th, 2013 by Martin Plowman
This weekend marks the opening festivities for OAK Racing driver Martin Plowman’s first running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The next two weeks will be filled with testing, autograph sessions, and pageantry leading up to the 90th anniversary of the iconic race.

Plowman raced on the Circuit Bugatti with Formula Renault in 2006, which while it is the permanent track at the Circuit du Le Mans, only makes up one corner of the circuit used for the full 24-hour race. Arriving at the circuit for the first time since then, Plowman commented, “I’ve been to the Indy 500 for the past 4 years and walking into this paddock has a very similar feel,” Plowman said. “I always knew how big this race was, but now that I’m here, the sheer scale of the event is mind blowing. It’s easy to see why this is one of the biggest races in motorsports.

Plowman will take the track first during Sunday’s official test, the first time the 56 cars racing in the 2013 race will come head-to-head on track. He is the only rookie on his #35 OAK Racing car and is required to complete 10 laps for rookie orientation before he can qualify to drive in the race. “My main focus for Sunday will be to complete my ten rookie laps.” He added, “After that the plan will be for the team to run through a shake down test plan to making sure all of our systems are working. This will set a foundation for the rest of the test sessions.”

Starting Sunday’s session will be a challenge for the Brit. He noted, “The fact that most of the track is just a public road the rest of the year will make track conditions very difficult to begin with, as there will be a lot of unseen hazards like diesel spills from trucks which leave a nasty coating. The Viagra online sales track will be generally very ‘green’ so conditions will feel very icy.”

As the only rookie, Plowman is relying heavily on his teammates to help him navigate the difficulties of a 24-hour race. He said, “There are a few big challenges that lie ahead. Most notably is getting generic viagra 100mg used to the track. Just the sheer size of the track is intimidating at first look and having driven only one corner of this track is not at any kind of advantage.” He understands how important it is to listen to experience, both in his teammates, and in his OAK Racing team, which is based just outside the track.

This weekend’s test will be a strong indicator of how the cars handle the challenges of Le Mans, but in a 24-hour race, anything can happen. viagra online discount A race like this will be about productive communication for Plowman and his team. “The most important thing for the team is to be on top of the car’s changes, and that everybody’s job is defined for the week ahead. Once the green flag drops there can’t be any confusion or second guessing, especially when it comes to radio communication, fuel consumption and tyre wear. Basic things that will play a huge part in this race,” Plowman said. This isn’t just about survival, as it was in the days past. It’s becoming increasingly more about strategy as more and more cars are “surviving” the 24-hour demands.

Plowman is optimistic as part of the OAK Racing team: “Historically, the OAK LMP2 has been fast here, so we are hopeful for another strong showing this year. We have an advantage as this is their home track.” The energy surrounding the paddock has him fired up. Noting the crowds, Plowman said, “Already on the Friday before the first official test, the amount of fans in the paddock trying to get a first look at the cars is crazy. The whole region comes to a standstill for this event.”

This will certainly be a race to remember for this rookie. Already more than two weeks from the start of the race, campers are preparing and fans are armed with their cameras. Follow along with all the excitement from home at . And as always, you can watch a live on-track feed at

The on-track schedule is as follows:
9 June 2013 – 900-1300, 1400-1800 Test day
19 June 2013 – 1600-2000 Free practice session, 2200-0000 Qualifying practice session
20 June 2013 – 1900-2100, 2200-0000Qualifying practice session
22 June 2013 – 0900-0945 Warm up, 1500 START of the 24 Hours of Le Mans
23 June 2013 – 1500 FINISH of the 24 Hours of Le Mans

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