Successful Sunday for Snowball Express

Posted on: September 22nd, 2013 by Martin Plowman

Twenty cheerful faces greeted Martin Plowman at the official World Endurance Championship autograph session early Sunday morning, eager to start their day. These VIP guests of Plowman’s were being treated to an exclusive day, reserved just for them. Martin was thrilled to see faces he already knew, his favorite kind of guests, the children and families of Snowball Express. These kids had each lost their father, their hero, as he fought the war on terror since 9/11.

Though the 6 Hours of Circuit of the Americas did not generic cialis cheap go as planned for the OAK Racing #35 car – it sustained damage during an on-track incident and major repairs needed to be made, finishing seventh in the LMP2 class – celebrations were to be had all around. For this Sunday’s celebration was not around the race result, but for the families who had chosen to spend their day with Martin at the track.

This weekend, Martin hosted a “Snowflake” event at the track in Austin, TX to help the children of Snowball Express celebrate and remember their fathers. These events, held around the United States, give the opportunity for local families who have lost a military family member since 9/11 bond and connect with others who have experienced the same. The forged friendships are life-changing.

“The Snowflake events are great because we can get to meet families from the area who have been through what we have been through,” Snowball mom Kerri Doughty explained. “In fact, we just found out today that my son goes to the same high school as one of the girls here today.”

Kerri’s son Tanner had the same sentiment. “I like coming to these because all the kids have something in common. They’ve lost their dad just like I’ve lost my dad, and we all understand what each other is going through.”

Since 2011, Martin has hosted Snowball Express families at each of his United States-based races. Austin is the only North-American race on the WEC schedule this year, so he knew he had to focus on arranging a larger day with more families. Thanks to the generosity of his social media followers, the Circuit of the Americas, WEC, OAK Racing, and Marion’s Catering each family had a grandstand seat, enjoyed VIP catering throughout the day, got to meet Martin and his team, had a private garage tour, took pictures with the car, and got a “goody bag” full of racing surprises.

“I’ve really got to hand it to my fans,” said Martin. “They believe in this cause just as much as I do, and they banded together to make this happen for the families. I can’t thank them enough for supporting Snowball Express.” The images on his helmet during this race were provided by donors who had donated towards the cause. Many more fans donated for private garage tours and other experiences.

“We don’t think that anyone owes us anything,” said Kerri, “but we are certainly appreciative that there are so many people who go out of their way to make us feel special. I keep a journal of all the positive experiences we’ve had since my husband died. Today will definitely go in that journal.”

The annual Snowball Express event is Snowball’s largest gathering throughout the year, and will be held December 12-16. The event hosts over 1,700 children in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for four days of non-stop fun. The families are chartered into DFW Airport via American Airlines planes, are escorted by the Patriot Guard Riders throughout the weekend, and visit places such as Six Flags Over Texas and the Fort Worth Stockyards. But most importantly, they are given a chance to remember, celebrate, bond, and create new friendships and memories.

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