Plowey: The Athlete

 Let’s just throw this out there: you think anyone could drive a race car. “All you have to do is put your right foot down and turn left.” Right? Wrong. For the two to four hours at a time a driver steadies his heart rate at 170 bpm, lifts the equivalent of a twenty-five pound weight in each hand as he turns each grueling corner, sustains temperatures of over 150 degrees while wearing a fireproof (read: hot) race suit, and focuses his concentration so he can control the car, relay information to his engineers, and, well, not run into the cars around him.

That’s why it is crucial that Plowey trains like a professional athlete — because he is one. Five days a week, he gives 100% at St. Vincent Sports Performance alongside members of the Indianapolis Colts, the USA Swimming and Diving Team, and the NBA. Together with his personal trainer, Aaron Feldman, and his nutritionist, Lindsey Langford, they create and execute a plan that will take Plowey to the front of the pack. He follows a strict muscle-building and recovery diet that ensures his post-workout down-time is efficiently used. This, combined with an exercise program emphasized on increasing endurance, improving strength, and resisting G-Forces up to 5Gs, ensures he is on top of his game.

Plowey is constantly learning and improving how to become a better and more efficient athlete. Follow along for real-life nutrition and fitness tips that Plowey uses to become the fittest driver in the paddock.